North Cray & Sidcup Riding School

North Cray and Sidcup Riding School


Quotes Giles id really nice and teaches us well. He knows all the ponies or horses names and is really funny too! I wish he can teach me horse riding forever. I will never forget him Quotes
Emily Bennett
Giles the teacher

Quotes I love this riding school so-oo much, i especially like the horse Dougal.I also like the colour of Perky.I like having Giles as my teacher, he is really funny and makes you laugh.I like learning alot with Giles,me and my friend Emily think he's great! Quotes

Quotes I have kept various horses/ponies there over the last 27 years, wouldn't go anywhere else. All three of my Daughters learnt to ride here, and crrently my Grandaughter is learning. Giles is an excellent instructor. What Colin doesn't know about horses isn't worth knowing. Paul beavers away keeping things running smoothly. They have shared happy and sad times with us, and have always been there when needed. The whole family are truly committed to caring for both their's and liveries treasures. Quotes

Quotes I went to North Cray today after trying another local riding school (one I worked at for 12+ years!) and was amazed how well my children done. Sam (who is 5 in May) had ridden once before and Luke (who is 6) never before. I myself have approx 15+ years experience but found the way in which Giles interacts with the children on a level they totally understand very refreshing. Both my two boys LOVED it and want to go back to learn more. Giles also knew the capability of each rider in the lesson not just teaching a standard lesson as a group which is very important. Lessons should be about giving confidence and knowledge to the rider as well as having fun and enjoying it - all this is what we received today. Well done NC! See you soon! I may even get back in the saddle after 9 years out myself! Quotes
Claire Hearn
Outstanding Instructor

Quotes North Cray is the best because I've got so far in riding and looking after the ponies on pony days. I love it and Giles is a brilliant teacher. Quotes

Quotes I love DOTTY and ERNIE!!!!! and Giles is a fantastic instructor! :) Quotes

Quotes We ove riding here as the horses and people are friendly and Giles is a great teacher! Quotes
Abigail & Isabella

Quotes I love this yard it is very helpful and Paddy is my new half loan. Everyone is very nice to me ascpecally Giles and I love it up there. I never want to leave! x Quotes

Quotes i have been riding at this yard for quite a few years now an over the past year giles has been teacher my 6 year old son to ride an he really enjoys the lesson giles an the rest of the yard make you very welcome an would recomend this yard to anyone Quotes

Quotes north Cray riding school is the best because you learn so much and you have a great time there Quotes