North Cray & Sidcup Riding School

North Cray and Sidcup Riding School


Quotes Great friendly riding school, my little boy (6) has been having lessons for just over a year here and has come on so much and is now a great little rider. He really enjoys his lessons with Giles, Giles has a big fan in Samuel :-) I am always made to feel welcome and would recommend to all ages and abilities. Quotes
Louise Kent

Quotes I really enjoy the lessons and Giles is a great instructor. The other riders are really nice too .My favourite pony is Kenzo because he has such a huge character. Quotes
Riding lesson pupil

Quotes My daughter Elle has had many lessons with the fantastic Giles, who gives his pupils 100 percent of his attention, keeping lessons fresh, informative and enjoyable whatever stage of riding ability each child has. Elle brought her friend Megan along, a nervous 1st time rider - she was looked after by Giles and his girls, included in the banter and learned the basics without even realising she was learning. Well done North Cray 10/10 as usual. Quotes
Gina and Elle

Quotes I absolutely love northcray it's like a second home to me. Giles is so funny and the horses are so friendly. I love Romany, dotty, dougal and many more!my friends got there they are called Holly and Ruby. We all look out for each other and help others too. Northcray is the best stables out of three that I have been to. 😀😀😀 Quotes

Quotes I came here with my friends for my birthday and we had a lovely afternoon. Everyone was friendly and at first I was a bit nervous but Giles and all the girls where lovely. Quotes

Quotes I love love love north cray it is the best riding school ever i love all the horses especially magic an kenzo even though kenzo can be very naughty!!!!!!!! Quotes

Quotes I have always tried to find a nice well educating riding school and now I have its been great learning here. Just in my first lesson I felt confident riding Ernie in a rising trot and now I am starting to canter Romany I love it here and the prices are so reasonable. the stables have such a nice feel the family that run it are lovely people. Giles is a brilliant teacher and a skilled rider I want to be like him one day! I love it there so much that when I am thirteen I will try to get a place to come and help out I absolutely love it here thanks team Whiley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
megan carr

Quotes I have been riding with my friend Katie for the past year now and I loved it there the first time. I would recommend magic for a first time rider and also I love earnie so much even though his lazy the horses are well kept and Gilles is very clear. Would never stop going to nc. Quotes

Quotes I really loved north cray it was a great school but I had to leave to live some where else I do love it and will miss it I love Erney and my friend Jenna loved it too and well miss you giles bye north cray Quotes
North cray

Quotes I love this riding school. I really like a pony called Dotty and Giles is an exellent teacher; he makes me laugh. The pony days are fantastic, and I am looking forward to going back there on saturday:) <3 Quotes
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